How to Draw Fashion Figures For Beginners

How to Draw Fashion Figures For Beginners- Tricks of The Trade

This is a really helpful video demo on how to draw Fashion Figures really easily! Courtsey of Garo Sparo- Professional Fashion Designer.

Top Tips on Drawing Your Fashion Designs

Tip 1:  Have your own ‘Fashion Crouqui’.  A Fashion Croqui makes it easier to draw your designs quickly- and acts as a figure template that you can trace over and draw clothes on top.
Tip 2:  Always use pencil to begin to draw your designs- its a lot easier to erase mistakes this way.
Tip 3: Draw the silhouette of your design first, then progress with the detail of the design- such as seam lines.
Then give additional details such as fabric type like lace or plaid.
Tip 4: When using pen- to draw your final outline of your design- you can use whiteout if you make any mistakes. When you scan your final image into the computer- whiteout doesn’t show on the sketch!
Tip 5: Keep your lines long and smooth and fluid as much as possible!

How to Draw Fashion Figures- Using a Fashion Magazine Tear/ Clipping

Another approach for Fashion Beginners is to use a model pose from a Fashion Magazine.
You can use sheer tracing paper to trace over the model’s figure and stance, to develop your own Fashion Croqui.
It will also help get you familiar with proportions of the Fashion Model.
Pro Tip: What he doesn’t mention here in the video above is you may like to make your figure thinner- than what you are tracing.  You will notice that when you trace the outline of the fashion model, your sketch will make the model look fatter then she does in the photograph.  This is because the photograph is showing a ’3D’ image of the fashion model, with shading- to create depth.  When you transfer an image from 3D form to 2D-  you will have to make the lines of the silhouette smaller- to make the model look thinner.

How to Draw Fashion Figures- Using 9 Head Approach.

The common way that a lot of Fashion designers use is the ’9 head’ approach.
How it works is that the fashion figure is made up of 9 heads.  You first draw the head of the body, then draw 8 exactly the same proportioned heads underneath it. This then forms the basis of the proportions for the rest of the body.
2 heads down is the bust line, 3 heads down is the waistline, 4 heads down is the crotch, 6 heads down is the knee, and 8 heads down is the ankle, 9 heads down is the floor.
You will notice that this approach is making the models legs ‘extra-long’ then usual.  The normal fashion figure does traditionally have long legs!  Think about a supermodel!  You can see the demonstration below..
fashion figures 9 heads
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Fashion Design Inspiration Ideas- Lady Gaga Style

Fashion Design Inspiration Ideas

The very talented fashion designer Maya Hansen, presented her Spring/Summer 2015 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. We are really inspired by her 3D Sculptural designs that are both feminine but really inspiring in terms of shape, finish and silhouette.

We love her use of fabric and construction- and her feminine but ‘edgy’ style!  She has dressed some high end celebrities- including ‘Lady Gaga’!

Fashion Design Inspiration Ideas La Mode College

Fashion Design Inspiration Ideas Lady Gaga Style

Fashion Inspirational ideas

Fashion Design Inspiration Ideas La Mode College of Fashion

Fashion Design Inspiration

Metal and plastic bones corsets made with both rigid and elastic fabrics. Softer silhouettes tan previous collections. Long dresses and cocktail dresses in elastic fabrics and bolero jackets. Skirts with volume pieces and leggings. Ultra soft and feminine garments with and architectural touch.  Maya uses Heavy weight fabrics (300 and 400 g/m2), printed and solid satin and elastic taffetas, brocades chantilly laces and dyed laces.   She also uses elastic and sequined fabrics, transparent fabrics in front of opaque fabrics. Her designs have an lingerie aesthetic, architectural shape and retro-futuristic style.

Fashion Design Inspiration Ideas 3

Fashion Design Inspiration Ideas 2015

Fashion design 3d Sculptural fashion inspiration

Fashion Design Inspiration Idea

The Maya Hansen brand was founded in 2006 and, since the year 2010, Maya Hansen’s collections have been presented at Madrid Fashion Week. She took part initially at El Ego de Cibeles, where her collection entitled “Lace Wings” won the L’Oréal Award for Best Collection from a Newcomer. Then in September 2011 she was incorporated into the established designers’ fashion show schedule, which makes up Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid today. In 2012 she was admitted as a member of the Fashion Designers’ Association of Spain (ACME) and was chosen amongst the 15 Finalists at Vogue’s “Who’s On Next” Competition in the years 2012 and 2013. In 2014 Maya Hansen has been selected as a finalist for the Young Designer National Fashion Awards.

Maya Hansen’s unique style always departs from the feminine silhouette of the corset, the clothing item around which her collections revolve. She has also developed tight silhouettes in other kinds of clothing, as well as some entirely cutting-edge creations, for which she habitually collaborates with artists and craftsmen in different disciplines.

Fashion Design Inspiration Ideas 4

Fashion Design Inspiration Ideas


We are in owe of her style, and we would like to help budding designers that would like to develop their talent to Maya’s level, to participate in our fashion design mentoring program.  For more details visit:

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Dolce and Gabbana Summer Dresses- Capri Launch 2014

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Dolce & Gabbana fall 2014 couture collection presentation held in Capri.

Dolce and Gabbana chose a truely unique and dramatic location to hold their latest collection of summer dresses-  on the Island of Capri in Italy!

The models cascaded down the cliff top to the audience, seated in blue and white striped deck chairs, alongside the glittering ocean!  What a backdrop to impress!

Fashion Designer- Dolce and Gabbana Fall Collection 2014 2015

What’s especially catchy and wonderful about the Dolce & Gabbana Capri fall 2014 couture collection is that apart from introducing the chicest alternatives, the line also features a universal range of garments, meant for perfecting the looks for any season, from the warm and hot to cold ones.

The glam and luxury of the pieces are, of course, out of question and the accessories like crowns bejeweled with extremely sumptuous jewels and adorned with uber sassy and sensual design patterns only contributed to the creation of absolutely stunning and unforgettable looks. (

Fashion Designer Dolce and Gabbana

So it all starts with the uber-gorgeous and totally to-die-for princess gown, adorned with a train tail and exclusively cool patters like florals for the top and blue and white stripes for the bottom. The off-shoulder design of the dress and the super chic looks it has makes it a real wonder in this collection. Other fairy tale like dresses include curious design patterns like brocades, completed with the traditional sweet and charming looks and the magical crown.

Fashion designers Dolce and GabanaDolceGabbana_Couture_fall_winter_2014_2015_collection

So yes, do consider the Dolce & Gabbana Capri fall 2014 couture collection as an absolute wonder for any season and occasion and you will surely be the star of the show at the first time!

The thing is that apart from introducing the chicest and the most wonderful pieces we’ve seen, the whole show was held in the open air, literally on the rocks of the sea, surrounded with the ultra-glamorous and breathtaking beauty of Italy. “It’s about the beauty of Italy – we don’t really have Alta Moda here – we wanted to do something for our country,” Stefano Gabbana noted about the collection and the way it was presented.

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Fashion Design Sewing Patterns for Dresses

Downloadable Sewing Patterns For Dresses

Get the right fit with custom made sewing patterns!

Dresses in particular can be hard to get a custom fit if you aren’t the same size top and bottom. Maybe you have a large bust and small hips, or a taller torso then others, or large hips and small waist.

Sewing Patterns for dresses

New technology by Bootstrap fashion makes it easy to get custom fitted patterns made- exactly to your measurements- emailed to you within minutes!

This amazing technology allows designers to access thousands of dress patterns at a click of a button, and order any pattern in the exact size they need!

For such an amazing service- you would expect it to be expensive- but to the contrary, these patterns will only set you back a mear $7!

Vera Wang sewing patterns for dresses

A custom fit dress pattern- exactly to your size- or your clients size- for only $7?!! It does sound to amazing to be true- so we put it to the test!

Since we are a fashion school, many of our students like to hire pattern makers to make the patterns for their designs. The only thing is – it can take pattern makers around 4-8 hours to complete a pattern, and at $20- $50 per hour, this can be a costly exercise.

What we liked about Bootstrap fashion’s service is that there is already hundreds of patterns in their system, all with great fits- that you can easily adapt and customise to your own style. You can purchase a shift dress pattern and change the neckline slightly, add different trims and use your own fabric- and then all of a sudden you have your own design.

We ordered a pattern from them, typing in our own unique body measurements, and within 5 minutes, the pattern was emailed to us! The great thing is- this pattern could be sent directly to your manufacturer or supplier making your designs, or you can print it out from your own home printer- if you are making the dress your self. All you need is an A4 printer, and the pattern pieces join together. If the pattern piece for the dress pattern is larger than the size of a A4 sheet of paper, it will print it over several pieces of paper, and a diagram will show you where to connect the pieces. It truly was amazing!

Vera Wang sewing patterns for dresses

So, your probably sold on the process- so next question your prob thinking is- what dress design patterns do they have?

Here are a few examples of the patterns that you can order for only $7..

sewing patterns for dresses

Bagdley Mischka sewing patterns for dresses

To see the complete range of patterns by Bootstrap fashion- click here to view the range or visit:


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Fashion Business Course Online


Online Fashion Business Courses- For Starting Your Own Fashion Label

In this fashionable and fast paced world, their are millions of budding designers who are trying to find their way in the fashion industry. Many designers dream of  opening up their own fashion label, and strive to win the market with their designs. It can be a fierce and competitive market.

If you are one of those designers who are struggling to make your way in this dominating industry then the fashion business mentoring program of ‘Fashion Design Success’ is your saving grace.

Double Your Profits with Fashion Business Knowledge

Even if you already have some success with your own label but would like to double your sales, or increase your brand awareness and get some major retailers on board,  a Fashion Business Course will give you the business and commercial knowledge to help you achieve your goals, and build your fashion brand.


Doing a Fashion Business Course Online

The great news is that you don’t have to go to university full time to study fashion business.  There are some great programs out there that will allow you to get the knowledge you need to be successful in your fashion label- while you study online from the comfort of your own home.

There are also fashion business courses that are directly targeted at helping you start your own fashion line- and will help you  find clothing manufacturers, help you with pricing your designs for profit, and will help you with marketing your label- to get orders from buyers!

The great thing about doing a fashion business course online is that you wont need to travel to a school or city to attend an actual class-  and you can work on your fashion label by day,  and get the business skills you need at night- or on the weekend- when it suits you.

The Most Cost Effective Fashion Business Courses Online

Some Business Schools can be expensive, and can be very ‘theory’ based  and not so relevant to giving you the knowledge that you need right now- to help you build your fashion business.

Look for colleges and programs that will deliver downloadable templates- so that you can use the templates and edit it with your own fashion business name, and use them straight away.  It also helps if your fashion tutor has been in business before, as they will have practical advice and tips that they can share with you.

The program by  offers a fantastic fashion business program  for only $49 per month-  with the option to unsubscribe at any time.


Besides having a price tag that every designer can afford, the Fashion Design Success fashion business program is directly targeted at helping students develop and launch their own fashion label, and it teaches students the business skills they need to make their line profitable.

In Addition, in this program you also receive mentoring from a designer that has already made it in the fashion world,  with valuable advice on how you can sell your designs to clothing stores, and design advice to learn how to design ‘best sellers’  that sell like hotcakes!

Fashion business advice

Having the skills to design is just not only enough to be a successful fashion designer; you need marketing techniques as well. This program also gives you Marketing and PR contacts,  Press Release Templates, Social Media Training and Step-by-step instructions on how to market and sell your label to department stores!

So no matter how good of a designer you are, if you don’t have the basics of marketing or business, chances are you wont be able to make a living from it. This program of business mentoring saves you from any business disasters and launches you as a successful fashion designer.


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How to Become a Fashion Designer at Age 12

You are never too young to become a Fashion Designer or start your very own fashion line- and  Isabella Rose Taylor- proves to everyone that dreams can come true- launching her very own fashion line at age 12.

How to become a fashion designer at age 12

Isabella, now a mere age of  13- has just won a contract with large department store ‘Nordstroms’ in the United States!

In addition to that- she is also set to debut at New York Fashion week later this year!

Isabella has achieved what many designers only hope for- all at age 13!

This just goes to show- the fashion industry isnt predujice- you can be successful at any age- whether it be 12 years old or 40-  When you have talent- you have talent!

Become a fashion designer at age 12

So- how does one land a contact with such a large department store? Follow Isabella’s story  below…

Isabella Taylor- 13 year old Fashion Designer

Born in Austin, Texas, Taylor has always been drawn to art. Isabella started sketching fashion designs and creating dream boards at age 8, and knew that this was the career path that she wanted to take.  Her parents sent her to her first sewing camp at around age 10.

“I think my parents saw how committed I was when I tried to sew a collection that summer,” Taylor said.

The first few professional dresses she made with her name on it proved to be popular.

“I did a trunk show at a couple boutiques and I sold out most of my stuff. So, I just put all of my things online and started selling online,” she said.

Isabella Taylor how to become a fashion designer at age 13

Suddenly her designs, which were already being showcased in Austin, got a global following. Well-known designers like Charlotte Ronson began mentoring her and offers started rolling in.

Now her line is debuting at Nordstrom stores this fall and she’s set to hold her first show at New York Fashion Week.

Nordstrom ordered 13 pieces from her collection to put in stores across the nation, making Taylor one of the youngest designers for a major retailer ever.

“It just started out as a really fun hobby and it grew into a business over the years,” Taylor said at her Austin, Texas, home, where she’s converted one room into a studio and another into an office. She added, “I just really fell in love with it the way I fell in love with art, and I realized that I just had so much fun connecting the two.”

You can view Isabella’s range here:

Top Advice For Young  Fashion Designers

 When asked what she tells other young people about her achievements, she offered some advice.

“I always talk about setting goals. Don’t limit yourself, like, let your mind dream as big as it can. And ask for help because a lot of people will give you such great advice and wisdom. And I would not be where I am without that advice from all these people,” she said.”

become a fashion designer at age 10 or 12 or 13 without getting a degree

How to Become a Fashion Designer

Having a Fashion mentor can really help you get started as a designer- someone to help guide you in the right direction, and give you the helpful tips to make you successful. Our Fashion Design Ebook Course offers young designers- from age 10- valuable fashion templates that they can download to help them design outfits, as well as useful tips about getting started in the fashion industry.

To become a fashion designer quickly from a young age visit:


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The Top 10 Fashion Shows of All Time

Fashion Shows are the best way for a designer to show off their latest collection to potential buyers and department stores and boutiques, high end clients and celebrities- as well as the all important fashion media.

top fashion show- Dior 2014

A Fashion show can really create hype and interest in a brand, and ultimately ‘make’ or ‘break’ the designer.  But what makes a great fashion show?

Here are the Top 10 Fashion Shows of all time- that you as a designer can take inspiration on for your next collection or fashion show! (You can steal their inspiration and create your own version!)

Best Fashion Shows

Best Fashion Shows

Dior created an indoor green house catwalk for the brands 2014 fashion show, with a large structure errected , and adorned with vines and trees.  The fashion show was alive with colour and texture with thousands of hanging vines and flowers.  As a designer starting out, you could create your own version of this catwalk with a green wall on the stage.


Ellie Saab created high end luxury look by showing their collection of bridal and evening dresses in a cathedral with large oversized crystal chandeliers hanging over the catwalk. The use of Pink and purple lighting in the room made the chandeliers stand out.

Elie Saab : Runway – Paris Fashion Week : Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2014-2015

chanel fashion show best catwalk design

Coco Chanel always makes the biggest statement with large props made for their fashion shows. ( They spend around a million per fashion show to create that ‘WOW’ factor!) If you wanted to incorporate the circus or fair theme into your fashion show but don’t have the budget, you could always hold your fashion show at a theme park after hours, around the carousel on site.

Chanel fashion show

Dolce and Gabana Fashion Show 2008


This fashion show above is simple yet very effective. Why not have a bunch of pastel rose petals drop from nets above on the finale?  ( You could also use confetti or glitter as an alternative.)

fashion shows to wow

Dior creates a large paper flower prop on the stage of the catwalk… an idea that can easily be replicated within a budget-  yet very striking for photos!

Alexander McQueen

Alexander Mc Queen one year had two spray paint machines spraying the models dresses with paint in front of the audience! The model stood on the turn- table that spun her around, while her dress was artistically spray painted by machines!

Another use of chandeliers in a fashion show- this time with dark moody props. What we like about this show is that Dior got all of its employees and workers to come out at the end of the show to be acknowledged.  It made a large impact for the audience, as they could appreciate how much time and man power goes into making a collection!

If you have a swim or resort fashion label, a catwalk over a pool is a great scene for your fashion show!

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Louis-Vuitton-SS13 fashion show

Shopping centre fashion parades taken to the next level! Innovative but very simple!

So there you go- a whole lot of ideas for to showcase your next collection and stand out from the crowd!


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Learn How to Illustrate Fashion

Do you love fashion, but want to learn how to illustrate your design ideas? It can be easy with the right tools and templates! Being able to illustrate and communicate your ideas is priceless in getting your dream job as a designer-  as its the main way you can demonstrate your design talent and explain your style and design ideas!

fashion illustration tutorial

Learn How to Illustrate Fashion with Pencil

1. Using a dark soft pencil start with the face outline and figure of the fashion model.  Use the ’8′ heads principle  for getting your porportions right.  If you need help with drawing the fashion figure-  you can get some downloadable templates here.

Fashion Illustration- fashion design ebook Next draw the outline of your clothing. Always start with the silhouette.  Next start adding in the detail of your designs- such as stitch lines, seams, zips, buttons and necklines.

steps to illustrate fashion- fashion design ebook

Once you are happy with the design, start to render or colour the skin of the model.  Next start colouring the clothes of  your design.  After this, start to add in dimension to your designs, by using shading.  Use darker shades in the folds of clothing,  and around the outline of the clothing.  Start to add in more detail of the models face and hair.

How to illustrate fashion


Finally, use a thin black outline around the drawing, to define the elements!

fashion illustration

Fashion illustrations from our past fashion student Chelsea Leau!  Enrol in one of our fashion programs today to sharpen your skills! Visit:  or you can download our ebook as well to get you started!


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How to Design A Floral Maxi Dress

Floral Maxi Dress DesignsEverybody loves a floral maxi dress for summer, and 2014/15 poses a large season of vintage floral prints in sheer fabrics: voile, chiffons and light weight cotton.

But using a floral print can lend itself to some dress styles more than others.

When designing with floral print, you need to consider the size of the floral, and design of the dress.  Too large a floral print can make the wearer look larger than they are.

Here are some maxi-dress designs for inspiration…

DG-Floral Maxi DressFloral Maxi Dress 2Floral Maxi Dress Fashion Designlong-sleeve-floral-maxi-dressVintage Floral Maxi Dress vintage floral cotton two-tone lace boho maxi dress


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Top Fashion Blogger Affiliate Programs You Should Know

Top Fashion Affiliate Programs- to Monetize Your Fashion Blog

Who says that you can’t make money from your blog?Fashion-affiliate-program for bloggers

Fashion is one of the biggest industries today. It has a wide interest and following, and many fashionistas are following blogs for their style advice over print magazines.  This puts any fashion blogger in with a perfect opportunity to make money from their blog through displaying ‘Fashion Affiliates’ Products and programs.

This article talks about how a Fashion Affiliate Program works,  the key questions to ask, top programs that will give you a great commission, and how to make the best use of your affiliate program by using social media.  So- here goes…

What is a Fashion Affiliate Program? How Does it Work on Your Fashion Blog?

A Fashion affiliate program is basically a program where a fashion company offers a % of commission for representing their brand.

Usually fashion affiliate programs offer graphic banners that you can put on your blog, with a ‘hop link’ that goes back to their site, where the customer can buy something.

If your blog follower buys something as a result of seeing the banner, to clicking on a link from our blog-  you get paid a % of the sale.

The way the sale is tracked back to you- is through what they call a ‘hop link’.  This is a special link coded to your blog,  so when its clicked- the affiliate program knows that the web traffic can from your site.


Hoplinks are super easy to install on your blog-  you can embed the hop link in a description about the product on your site, or link a picture  like a banner to the hop link.

Once you set up a ‘Banner Ad’  on your site, with the hop link – you can just sit back and relax- and wait for the money to come in!

That’s whats so great about an affiliate program-  you don’t have to do any of the selling, the shipping, or any other work-  you are just drawing traffic to another company that does all that for you- and just pays you an affiliate commission!

If you’re planning to set up a fashion blog or you might already have one, you’ll be more than happy that you can actually turn your fashion blog into something that will generate money.

Everyone wants to earn, right? Especially if it is from doing what you really love. In fact, most people who have fashion blog are already making a decent amount of money each month. So the problem for you now is how will you be able to achieve this?

Top Fashion Affiliate Programs

Each of the fashion affiliate programs and networks generally work in the same way – you apply directly with fashion retailers you’re interested in. If you’re accepted, you’ll get access to banners, links and other tools.  You get your own unique hop link  that tracks back to your site, and you  get permission to use their banners and graphics on your site.

In terms of getting paid, Payout times and terms vary by  fashion program.  It can range from a low 5% of sale  to a high percentage such as 50% of each sale.


The hardest thing when applying for a fashion affiliate program is getting approved by the retailer- or getting accepted into the affiliate program.

Quite often they analyse your site, want to see that the branding and image of your fashion blog is a good fit to their brand, and they also want to see that you are an established blogger.

This can be hard when you are first starting  out on your blog. Its catch 22 really-  more affiliates on your site can make your site look more professional, but how do you get accepted into fashion affiliate programs in the first place?

You have to start somewhere!


If you want a really great fashion affiliate program that pays a high percentage, and  you automatically get accepted into the program ( no approval process) La Mode fashion school offers a great affiliate program for promoting their fashion design ebook and courses.

To apply for their fashion affiliate program-  all you need to do is signup here:

You will also get paid a high  50%  per sale-  making on average $22  per sale!  ( some of their top fashion blogs are making $200 per week from just displaying their banner ads!!!  Now that a great shoe budget per week!  It could even pay your rent each week!!)

The great thing is – it is really relevant to your site- your followers love fashion, and obviously may be interested in finding out more about starting their own fashion line, or doing some sort of fashion course.


Retail Fashion Affiliate Networks

If you prefer to represent fashion retailers,  here is a list of clothing affiliates:

Fashion Affiliates on LinkShare

  • Nordstrom
  • Macy’s
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Saks
  • Net-a-Porter
  • The Outnet
  • Alexander Wang
  • ASOS
  • Topshop
  • J.Crew
  • Forever21
  • Sephora
  • Clinique

Fashion Affiliates on Commission Junction

  •  Zappos
  •  Ferragamo
  • Luisa via Roma
  • Shopbop
  • Brooks Brothers
  • Bluefly
  • Banana Republic
  • Gap
  • Free People
  • Ann Taylor
  • Old Navy
  • Nasty Gal

The Downside to Working With Fashion Retail Affiliate Programs

Chances are you see retailers in a lot of different networks that you’d like to promote. Unless you have a large amount of traffic, or do very well with one program on each, chances are the time it takes to build links, keep up with promotions, and even research specific products to link to will start to take a significant amount of time.

Almost all of the networks offer an email contact to the program manager. If your site is initially rejected, but you think that your blog and audience would be a good fit for the advertiser, send an email to the program manager outlining your traffic, popular posts that relate to the products or brands they carry, and ask them to reconsider. Most of the time, this will turn any initial “no”s into acceptance. If it doesn’t, you’ll usually at least get a more detailed explanation on the reason your site wasn’t improved, which can be valuable for improving your blog.

 Alternative Fashion Blogger Affiliate Programs

If the above fashion retailer affiliate programs aren’t working for you, or you can’t get accepted,  you can try the below fashion programs:

Fashion affiliate program australia UK for bloggers

1. Fashion Traffic

Operates across payment types, and offers publishers CPC, CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and CPS (cost per sale) payments from multiple advertisers in one program.

2. ShopSense by ShopStyle

Payments are based on a CPC model, relative to website traffic quality. Specifics aren’t issued in terms of website quality, but ratio of visitors who click to visitors who go on to make a purchase probably plays a role.

Prominent publishers using ShopSense/ShopStyle: the Popsugar group of sites, The Fashion Bomb

3. Reward Style

Payments are on a CPS basis, meaning publishers are paid only if visitors purchase something after clicking an affiliate link.

Prominent publishers using RewardStyle:, Man Repeller, Fashionista, Gabi

4. Fashion Affiliate Program By

This program offers 50% of each sale, and pays you weekly. Many fashion design blogs have had success with this program by displaying a banner ad in a prominent spot, as well as doing a blog post about the product.  Some affiliates are earning a passive amount of $200 per week from this program.

Top Questions About Fashion Affiliate Programs

You probably already know that affiliate programs are one of the easiest ways to monetize fashion related traffic.

Here are the top questions that I get asked about fashion affiliate programs:

1. How many clicks does it take before someone buys something?

2. Is one type of affiliate program faster to pay out than another?

3. What can I do to make more money from affiliate programs?

Obviously if you choose a program that has a higher % commission per sale, you will make more money. Most programs design their banners in the best possible way to get the most amount of interest and traffic.  The below article gives you some ideas of making more money from an affiliate program.


Making the Most Out Of Your Fashion Affiliate Program

Once you are approved with a fashion affiliate program-  its up to you to draw traffic to that site with your special coded link or hop link.

You can do this several ways:

- Place banner ads at the top of your blog, under the header graphic

- Place banner ads in the side column/ bar of your blog

- Use a variety of banner graphics- and place them in a few different spots on your blog

- Pinning- through Pinterest ( use the banners  of your affiliate program and upload them to pinterest- putting them on your own boards, with a description. )

-Facebook and twitter- highlighting the product on your blogs Facebook page, with a review of the product- and why you think its worthy…

- Write a blog post/ review on your blog with the pros and cons of the products that your affiliate represents..

Remember- be persistent and never give up!  Keep on blogging and building your followers and  remember to keep your ads relevant to your followers interests!


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