Top Fashion Sketches and Techniques

Are you an ambitious artist woman who has a whole-hearted passion on clothes or on fashion designs? then you must be aware of “Top Fashion Sketches and Techniques” used in this fashion world. These fashion designers present the best and hottest fashion design to the fashion market using these Fashion Sketches and Techniques.

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Fashion Design Illustrations by Roberto Cavalli

Top Fashion illustrations by Roberto Cavalli- Famous Fashion Designer

Years ago when I was a Fashion student I was forever looking for the top designer’s fashion design illustrations, as I always found them so inspirational. So, I have done this blog post for all the budding fashion designers out there- here are some amazing and inspirational fashion illustrations by the famous Roberto Cavalli!

Cavalli fashion illustration

fashion design illustration inspiration

This would have to be my favourite sketch! The print is amazing!

Beyonce Knowles Fashion Illustration  Sketch

Beyonce Knowles Fashion Illustration Sketch

fashion design illustration roberto cavalli

Wedding Dress Design Illustration with lace detail

Miley Cirus Fashion Design Illustration by Roberto Cavalli

Miley Cirus Fashion Design Illustration by Roberto Cavalli

 The above illustrations are of the costumes Roberto Cavalli designed for Miley Cyrus’ upcoming Bangerz tour, which kicks off February 14 in Vancouver.  Cavalli’s custom made collection for Miley includes a denim ensemble and a crystal jumpsuit that is very Britney Spears inspired.  Be ready for lots of skin and sparkle but so far there’s no hints of any teddy bear costumes!

If you would like to develop your skills as a fashion designer and learn how to illustrate your designs like a pro,  we have an ebook program you may be interested in.  You can check out the details on our home page:


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Feather Fashion- Haute Couture Dresses

Feather Fashion- Top Fashion Design Trend

Feathers have long been used for the catwalks of Haute Couture fashion designers, and in there stunning evening dresses and gowns! Here are some great inspiration pictures of  the best feather fashion!

Beaded Feather Gown by Givenchy Fall Collection 2010

feather fashion evening dress

An Amazing Rose Pink Feathered Dress with beaded corset, and a mini- maxi skirt with ruffles and feathers!

Feathered Dress

Feathered jacket shawl/ layered over vintage lave and encrusted jewels..

Feather fashion jacket

Alexander Mc Queen Feathered gown..

Feather gown by fashion design alexander mcqueen

Feather Dress Gownwhite feather dressFeather Ballerina Dressshort white  feather dress
If you are a fashion designer and want to know where to get feathers  or feathered fabric to make your dress or design,  you can visit our fashion mentoring program, which includes some of the best fabric wholesalers that have high end feathered fabric!  For more details, visit:



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3D Sculptural Fashion Design

Get inspiration from these amazing 3D Sculpture Fashion Designs!

If you are designing a collection these are great inspirations and examples of how you can create great shape, texture and design to your fashion!

These are some of the best 3D Fashion Scultpures and Art Forms!

Dutch Fashion Designer Iris V Herpen creates a 10 piece fashion collection called ”Crystallization”.  For the collection below, she creates this garment from 3D printing!

3D sculture Fashion design

The below picture is a great example of use of leather and netting to create great shape and  3D sculpture..

Sculptural fashion design

Fashion Designer Catherine Wales- Produced this beautiful detailed and blossoming shoulder piece from white nylon and  a 3D printer!  Catherine’s futuristic collection is completely unique and can be used both editorially to stimulate conceptual thinking and scientifically to develop the capabilities of luxury fashion prototyping within the 3D space.

Catherine-Wales-3D-FashionDesign- Textile DesignCanadian designers participated in a project to create a 3D Sculptural fashion piece entirely made out of toilet paper for Breast Cancer week!


Sculptural Fashion Design made out of paper

The paper Sculture by Fashion Designer Vega Wang

3D Paper Fashion design Sculpture

Minette Shuen is a young australian fashion designer, recent graduated from Sydney University of Technology in 2012. She also have a BA of Design in Fashion and Textiles (Sub major: Marketing) and a BA of Arts in International Studies (France) This is her collection: Dis/Sect…


French fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier for his Haute Couture fashion collection in 2009-2010 designs a 3D Corset made from Shiny Metallic Leather! Im in love…

3D fashion Design

Sculptural Fashion Design textile design by Jean Pail gaultier

Model  below wears the designs by French fashion designer Stephane Rolland for his 20011 Haute Couture Range.


You can learn how to develop your skills as a Fashion Designer by doing our fashion design success mentoring program, featured here:


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How to Draw Fashion Illustrations- With Kat Macleod

Kat Macleod’s Fashion Technique on How to Draw Fashion Illustrations

Kat Macleod has illustrated several books, including the multi-award winning Bird (2002, 3 Deep Design), The Cocktail (2005, Hardie Grant), Michi’s Like I Give a Frock (2008, Penguin) and the forthcoming What on earth are you wearing? (2010, Penguin).

Her illustrations have appeared in several publications including Harpers Bazaar, Vogue and The Age, and she has completed commissions for the likes of Collette Dinnigan, Third Drawer Down and Heide Museum of Modern Art.  You can see more of Cat’s illustration on her Blog:

how to draw fashion 1

fashion illustration tecnique tip

fashion design drawing- how to

kat-mcleod-how to draw fashion illustrations

Draw fashion course

How to Draw Fashion Illustrations- like Cat

1. Using Pencil, Draw outline of fashion body and figure. ( you can use a fashion croqui or template to help you…)

2. Illustrate/ Draw  your fashion designs on to the body.

3. Decide what components of the illustration that you would like to be 3D or use Fabric for

4. Select the fabric that you would like to use

5. With a stanley knife, cut out the garment that you would like to fill with fabric. ( Following the sihouette)  Leave the rest of the sketch on the page. Your basically creating a cut-out.

6. Insert the fabric behind the piece of paper, and use glue or sticky tape to hold the fabric behind.  You will now be able to see the fabric in the garment form the front of the fashion illustration.

7. Complete the illustration by using water colour to colour in other aspects of the drawing- like the hair for example.

8. You can add extra 3D items like glitter, sequins or additional fabric to other parts of the illustration to add to the 3D effect.

Voilla!  A beautiful fashion illustration- Cat Macleod style!

If you would like more professional fashion design techniques and fashion figure templates, you can read about our ebook course here:


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Fashion Illustration techniques

Kelly Smith- Fashion Illustrator- Fashion Illustration Techniques

Kelly Smith is an Australian Illustrator, working predominantly in fashion and beauty.

Her work is amoungst the top fashion illustrators internationally.

Her work has been highly publised by Vogue, The Hub, Russh, Flare, NET-A-PORTER magazine, plus many more.

Fashion Illustration Technique

Taking inspiration from high end fashion campaigns, celebrities, and all things beautiful, Kelly uses fine detailed pencil work , and adds  watercolour and digital elements to add a different dimension and texture.

fashion illustration

Kelly Smith has Illustrated Fashion drawings for international clients including: Jenny Packham, H&M, Samantha Wills, L’avion, NET-A-PORTER, VOGUE Australia, Portmans, and The Sunday Times STYLE.

Fashion illustration Dior

kelly smith fashion sketch

kelly-smith-fashion illustration techniques

Fashion design illustration

fashion design illustration techniques

fashion sketch technique Kelly Smith

Kelly Smith certainly is very talented with her pencil work.  You can achieve this style of fashion illustration by drawing the outline of the fashion body, then use different pencils to shade the skin, draw the face features and hair.  Then Scan your image, and import it into a program like Adobe Photo shop.  You can then start layering the image, by colouring fabric in the clothes.

To get expert advice on becoming a professional fashion designer, and to get fashion illustration templates and croquis- visit:  to see what;s included in the ebook.

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Tips For Choosing A Good Fashion Designer

If you care about the way you dress, you will always want to find a good fashion designer. This is the person that will be responsible for coming up with good wears and you therefore have to know how to choose the most suitable one. Even though there are many of them that you know of, you have to understand that not everyone that you find will give you the kind of designs that you need. Even if each one of them says that they are the best in this industry, you still have to practice a lot of caution when choosing one.

"Fashion designer" "Fashion Designer Course"

You have to go for someone who understands your needs. There are many types of clothes that people wear. Not each one of them will be good for you. Since everyone is unique in their own way, it becomes an important thing to go for designers who understand you well. What another client considers to be the best designs in the world may not be anything near to what you are looking for. If you are forced to use what others are using, you will only be made to look like them and not the real look that you love.

For instance, designs meant for slim people may not be suitable for those wider body frames. If you short, you definitely will not be interested in designs that are meant for tall people. The reason is that doing so will make you to look like some clown. You therefore need to talk to your designer and ensure that they understand what specifically fits you before you trust them with the all important task of designing your wears. Do not just go for someone that you have yet to know well because you just never know what you can expect from them.

"Fashion designer"  "Fashion Designer Course"

Quality is the other important factor that you need to keep in mind when looking for such a professional. If you so much care about what you wear, then you understand that there is nothing much that you can gain if you do not pay attention to quality. Quality does not just refer to the fabrics and other materials used to make your wears; it refers to many other things that only a skilled designer can understand and deliver. You have to know that the market is filled with many people who will try to persuade you to use their services when they have nothing good to offer.

In order to be sure that the fashion designer of your choice can do a good work, go for the one who is creative enough. With creativity, you can be sure that he will be able to come up with something that is unique. You definitely are not just looking for anything; you need clothes that will define your style and make you to stand out from the rest. There is nobody who likes when they wear something that is already too common. The designer determines whether or not you dress uniquely.

"Fashion designer"  "Fashion Designer Course"

If you would like to become a Fashion Designer, you can study Fashion with these online Fashion Books:


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Fashion Design Sketches- A Helpful Guide

When talking about the fashion industry, it is often considered as an elegant, glamorous, fun and exciting organization, but unless you are one of the people who are behind the success of the industry, you know what really goes behind the scenes. You must know that in order to come up with beautiful and overly gorgeous clothing, a lot of effort and hard work is put in. With a single piece, it can take a lot of time to finish, what more if it’s an entire line of fashion? Basically, the hard work starts with the fashion design sketches.

" Fashion Design Sketches"

In order to have a good fashion design sketches, one should be able to draw a full model into clothing by incorporating more details to it. To make it more real and life-like, a designer should be able to achieve the falls of the clothes, as well as the as drapes of the material. For beginners, maybe you can do some imitations first on one of your favorite clothes or outfits by putting them right in front of you and select the places where the material falls. To add to that, as much as possible, try to create your sketches without the use of an eraser. With all the mistakes that you make, it can greatly help you with the adjustments at the same time can give out more ideas too.

"Fashion design Sketches" Ideas

Fashion Sketch by Hayden Williams Illustrations

Even if you do not find yourself a good artist, you can still easily sketch or draw something if you know all the right things. Here are step-by-step guide on how to sketch designs like what most designers do:

• It is a great decision to invest in a good pencil set. After a few times of practicing  you will come to realize that in order to get the best technique in sketching is the light, sketchy-esque penciling.

• Try sketching the bodies first, then draw the clothes on the body.

• Consider having tons of sketchbooks that can help you keep everything that you need organized. It is quite nice to have something that you can keep track of all the designs you have done.

• Once you are done with your sketch, you can choose to make a whole collection  with the use of the same style.

• Lastly, you can do some of the final touches which include the haircuts that will perfectly fit the outfits, as well as do not forget about the accessories.

" Fashion Design Sketches"

Fashion Sketch By Hayden Williams

Fashion design sketches are like pieces of fashion idea that are in the form of drawings. It permits the designer to visualize how their design ideas look like, and making it possible to do some changes and a few modifications to obtain the perfect one.

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Tips On Drawing Fashion Design

Drawing Fashion Design and leaning figure sketching will be the backbone of becoming a fashion designer. The drawings must effectively communicate a style and design. It’s also crucial to obtain the right porportions.

Drawing a design for fashion  is usually a primary ability amongst most.  Conversely called fashion figures, these types of speedy drawings of human bodies would be the foundations of creating garments.

Fashion designers often draw a huge selection of designs just before reaching a particular completed pattern. On the other hand, you will find there’s certain style for drawing fashion design, a layout aimed toward designer requirements.
As it often needs lots of training to find out to draw the human physique with appropriate proportions, there would be more techniques which have been developed by designers.
Below are some suggestions about drawing fashion design

" Drawing Fashion Design"BE ABLE TO DRAW
To be able to sketch outfits is extremely important in the world of fashion. It is the only medium you need to convey the thoughts you’ve in mind. Without it, you’ll have difficulties trying to explain to people what you need to create for them. Where there aren’t any sketches, it’ll be hard to get making your client realize what you want to do.
Fortunately that, you don’t need to be a good artist; taking basic training regarding how to do sketches is perhaps all that you’ll require.
The skill is essential for both specialized pattern work, before clothes are made, as well as for promo work.
On an individual who is definitely getting started with the field of design, fashion drawing can significantly help out with developing an attractive. There are some tips that designer may use to her benefit while illustrating style garments.
If you don’t know how to draw designs effectively or correctly, it may well assist to try out a design and style institution or take design courses. Even though a diploma in fashion design isn’t required to look for a job, it is quite helpful since it allows prospective recruiters realize that you’ve got a working expertise in the industry along with the best way to draw up accurate designs.

"Drawing Fashion Design"
It is important to take into account that drawing fashion is a way fashion developers converse their design suggestions to customers, suppliers and producers.
There are lots of different sources you can use to sketch fashion and demonstrate your styles. By using a computer software to help you draw your design models has several benefits, therefore the main reason it is probably the most preferred options these days. There are numerous software programs will draw your patterns using the pc.
Some of the well-known software programs which is being using by designers nowadays is macromedia freehand, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.
If you are intending to get a job as being a Designer, it is necessary you are aware using these programs, as more companies are choosing technology instead of freehand drawings.
Exactly what fashion designers provide to people would be the capability to exhibit oneself by way of clothes. These designers adore helping to make others feel better about them, and find out their clothing for customers to improve already established beauty with something good.
Fashion can also be wearable art; many obtain a sensation of fulfillment from making something useful to other people.

If you need help Drawing Your Fashion Designs, our ebook can help!

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How To Draw Fashion Sketches In Few Easy Steps

Fashion sketches generally provide a rough idea about the design and the concept of a designer. With sketches one can put their imagination onto paper and it also helps in conveying the minute details of the particular fashion garment. This helps a fashion designer in proper construction, cutting and sewing of the garment.
Anyone or any individual having keen interest on the subject can definitely learn How to Draw Fashion designs and sketches if he or she practises drawing. A fashion designer with their designs communicates with the common people and set a trend with his designs.
Everyone has the skill to know how to draw a fashion sketch if they follow few proper methods.
Following this article you can learn how to Draw Fashion sketches in some easy simple steps.

"How to Draw Fashion Design Sketches"

Using a 2H pencil first you must lightly draw your model design. Accurately place the curves while drawing the figure in definite proportions and scale.
To make the head of the figure first you draw an oval shape very lightly with pencil. Then draw the neckline and shoulder of the model figure. Draw the hands, waist line, hip and knee curves accurately keeping in mind the bending in proper places.

draw fashion

Pay attention on the parts where you want the hemlines to fall.
After this stage, put down your design using simple and light lines concentrating along the neckline, trouser length or skirt length and sleeve length.
This light sketch will help you to know how and where the lines are supposed to be.
The next step should be the necessary detailing of your design. Necessary detailing indicates the button part or the zip part. To represent the button draw small circles or to represent the zip part draw broken lines. If you are trying show the appearances of folds draw curved lines.
After completion of minor sketching erase unnecessary parts of overlapping of lines.
After drawing is over finally outline your design with 6H pencil.
To make your design to become more lively you can also use colour. This will help you in cloth selection at the time of construction of the garment and will give you an idea that which colour will suit the design perfectly.
After completion of the entire design you can add accessories to your design such as side bags, bracelets, hat, high heel shoes etc.

A few tips that you need to remember:

There are good charcoal sticks and non water graphite pencils that do not get smudge. Always use these kinds of pencils to make your drawing neat and tidy.
Use good quality papers such a thick chart papers at the time of drawing design.
Use instant markers and dry pens if you want to give a black outline to your design.

"How to Draw Fashion Design Sketches"

A good design can only be drawn if you can use your imagination. A good designer puts minute details of the design. Adding details in your design attract people and makes your design eye catchy.
The core of fashion designing is its detailing, material, quality of work and the finishing methods.

For Fashion Design Sketches Templates to Easily Draw Your Designs: Visit our Main Site:

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