Designing a Handbag- Inspirational Video on Design Elements of a Dior Handbag

Designing a Handbag is Easy-  Or is it??

Today we share with you the amount of effort and time and workmanship that goes into designing a handbag- at Christian Dior…

This video is absolutely AMAZING!  I must say I watched it at least 10 times!  If you want to design handbags for a living- this is certainly an inspiring video to watch!

Christian Dior is a leader in clothing and handbag/ accessories market worldwide…

Designing a handbag- step by step- Dior

The quality of a Dior bag is second to none-  and this video shows the process that each and every handbag goes through to be made- by hand.

First they lay the leather out flat, then they cut each piece of the handbag out using a template or pattern.

How to design a handbag

They then make a mould for the embossing design, and lay the leather over that mould, and use a special leather tool to emboss the pattern into the leather.  From here, they stitch around the edge of each line in the embossed design.

They then hand emboss the Dior logo in silver foil- for the inside lining.

They then use a special leather hammer to glue the interior of the bag to the exterior of the bag, forming the shape and silhouette of the handbag.

A dedicated screwdriver secures the metal hardwear in place- the buckle  that will close the handbag, before the bag is then stitched together.

Designing a handbag- metal hardware needed for a dior bag

A chunky silver chain is then threaded through the handbag for the shoulder strap, and secured in place.

And Voila- a Dior ‘Savoir Fair’ handbag!

No China production line here- just quality workmanship!  You can understand why these Dior handbags have a price tag of $3,000- $6,000k… they have so much work involved!

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