How to Draw Fashion Figures For Beginners

How to Draw Fashion Figures For Beginners- Tricks of The Trade

This is a really helpful video demo on how to draw Fashion Figures really easily! Courtsey of Garo Sparo- Professional Fashion Designer.

Top Tips on Drawing Your Fashion Designs

Tip 1:  Have your own ‘Fashion Crouqui’.  A Fashion Croqui makes it easier to draw your designs quickly- and acts as a figure template that you can trace over and draw clothes on top.
Tip 2:  Always use pencil to begin to draw your designs- its a lot easier to erase mistakes this way.
Tip 3: Draw the silhouette of your design first, then progress with the detail of the design- such as seam lines.
Then give additional details such as fabric type like lace or plaid.
Tip 4: When using pen- to draw your final outline of your design- you can use whiteout if you make any mistakes. When you scan your final image into the computer- whiteout doesn’t show on the sketch!
Tip 5: Keep your lines long and smooth and fluid as much as possible!

How to Draw Fashion Figures- Using a Fashion Magazine Tear/ Clipping

Another approach for Fashion Beginners is to use a model pose from a Fashion Magazine.
You can use sheer tracing paper to trace over the model’s figure and stance, to develop your own Fashion Croqui.
It will also help get you familiar with proportions of the Fashion Model.
Pro Tip: What he doesn’t mention here in the video above is you may like to make your figure thinner- than what you are tracing.  You will notice that when you trace the outline of the fashion model, your sketch will make the model look fatter then she does in the photograph.  This is because the photograph is showing a ’3D’ image of the fashion model, with shading- to create depth.  When you transfer an image from 3D form to 2D-  you will have to make the lines of the silhouette smaller- to make the model look thinner.

How to Draw Fashion Figures- Using 9 Head Approach.

The common way that a lot of Fashion designers use is the ’9 head’ approach.
How it works is that the fashion figure is made up of 9 heads.  You first draw the head of the body, then draw 8 exactly the same proportioned heads underneath it. This then forms the basis of the proportions for the rest of the body.
2 heads down is the bust line, 3 heads down is the waistline, 4 heads down is the crotch, 6 heads down is the knee, and 8 heads down is the ankle, 9 heads down is the floor.
You will notice that this approach is making the models legs ‘extra-long’ then usual.  The normal fashion figure does traditionally have long legs!  Think about a supermodel!  You can see the demonstration below..
fashion figures 9 heads
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